My name is Robert Morrison Jnr. I am a grad of the Savannah College of Art and Design holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Motion Media Design and a minor in Music Composition. I am an Indie Game Developer, Motion Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Artist for multimedia and print from Kingston, Jamaica.

Clean, innovative, purposeful and thought-provoking design really gets my brain churning, my eyes bulging and my mouth watering! *drip* I look to a wide variety of industries and banners for inspiration, including but not limited to Nature, Indie Game Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Typography, Motion Design, and a Japanese Jazz pianist named Hiromi Uehara.

I believe that as designers we have the opportunity and hence responsibility to help and positively influence people so long as we actively choose to do so. I believe the minutes and often hours that "consumers" spend immersing themselves in gaming, advertisements, movies, etc should affect them for the better and not for the worse. It is my sincere hope that someone's day if not life will have been that much more blessed through my designs, whatever form they take, just as many designs have done for me.


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